Where’s Rick?

People inevitably ask those of us who know Rick what he’s up to, where he’s been, what his plans for the future are and why he’s been so… quiet.  Quiet is, after all, not a word most people associate with Rick.  His fans regularly ask him those questions on Twitter too.

The answer is an easy one.

It’s fair to say that Rick was blindsided by all of this.  One day, you’ve got a job you love.  The next, you get a phone call finding out you’re unemployed.  In an instant, Rick’s life changed.

Unfortunately, it’s a story that gets played out everyday in this country.  Many others know exactly how Rick feels, and he now knows exactly how they feel too.

In the days and weeks after this happened, Rick received a great outpouring of support from many of his Twitter fans.  Sadly, others who also follow him on Twitter seemed to rejoice in a man losing his job.

Over the past several months since this happened, Rick has spent time reflecting.  He has also spent time with his family and friends, visited his son at college and gotten the chance to reconnect with many people.

In short, Rick’s been doing all of the things that really matter in life. With the new year comes new beginnings.  And as Rick’s friends, we hope that the new year brings him a new, fresh start.