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Rick & Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: A Public Dialogue


December 30, 2010 – Rick Sanchez, longtime Television news anchor announced today he will hold a public dialogue with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “America’s Rabbi” at the Carlebach shul, located at 305 West 79th Street (West End Avenue), in NYC on January 13th at 8PM in an event hosted by This World: The Values Network.  Sanchez was terminated by CNN in October 2010.

Tickets are available at:

Rick Sanchez has been a journalist and television news anchor for over 25 years, with over 8 years in cable news, first on MSNBC and then for 6 years on CNN. Most recently, he was the host of Rick’s List, the first social-network driven newscast on the air anywhere in the country.  The success of Rick’s List 3-5 P.M. caused CNN executives to temporarily slot the show at 8 P.M. where it quickly became one of CNN’s most highly rated shows.  Sanchez also distinguished himself as an Emmy award winning correspondent and anchored CNN’s Peabody Award-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina as the levees broke in New Orleans.

“My career path was changed because of a misconstrued comment, which very few actually even bothered to listen to. I have spent the last few months concentrating on my family, but instantly jumped at the opportunity for a public dialogue with my friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  I look forward to addressing any and all questions and concerns of the Jewish community,” said Rick Sanchez.

“Our community has enough problems without looking for anti-Semitism where it doesn’t exist. Rick Sanchez was humiliated and his reputation dragged through the mud without being allowed to explain himself. The Jewish religion says that a man’s most cherished possession is his good name. Rick deserves the opportunity to reclaim his. This evening will involve a conversation between the two of us that is intimate, honest, and hard-hitting. He and I share a love of family and community and I intend to honestly explore his values and his heart, and allow the community to decide.”

The evening is part of an ongoing monthly conversation series between Rabbi Shmuley and people in the news. Recently Rabbi Shmuley sat down with Rosie O’Donnell   to discuss gay adoption and with Christopher Hitchens to discuss the afterlife. This World: The Values Network, is dedicated to renewing America through the promotion of universal Jewish values in the mainstream culture.On October 20, 2010, Jon Stewart told Larry King that Sanchez should have never been fired, calling the firing “absolute insanity,” and that he was not “personally hurt.” 

The actual recording of the controversial interview may be heard at:

Recently, leading opinion makers have come out in defense of Sanchez.  They range the spectrum from Christopher Hitchens on the left to Lou Dobbs on the right and many others.  Friends of Sanchez have taken it upon themselves to create a website:


15 Responses to “Rick & Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: A Public Dialogue”

  1. Rodney Cento says:

    I always liked Rick and I miss his show. CNN or FOX needs to put him on the air. He was very fun to watch! Good luck Rick!

  2. Dina says:

    Rick deserves a chance again at CNN. I believe that he is a decent person and did not mean what some people, including the CNN administration, perceived as wrongdoing. Please CNN, we call for some “tolerance” and a second chance to Rick!

  3. Mary says:

    I have missed Rick since he “left” CNN. There was not and is not a news program like his. For the most part the only shows I have watched on CNN was Larry King and Anderson Cooper. I will continue to watch Anderson but do not like the new newspeople. I keep watching to see if he will be on another network.

  4. PilgrimSoul says:

    The underlying problem is that Christians tended to generalize about Jews in the past, often referring to that mystical entity known as ‘the Jews.’ That tendency arose directly out of the Christian belief that Jews were collectively guilty for the death of Jesus–so it was natural that Christians would think of them collectively, however erroneous that thinking was. What made them unique, according to Christian theology, was that every single one of them was in some sense guilty of something that happened two thousand years ago.
    Thank God, this ghastly idea of collective Jewish guilt was done away with during Vatican Two, and the various Protestants had also gotten rid of this totally irrational idea. So there was less likelihood of referring to Jews as some kind of collective that were all in cahoots with each other. Christians need to be careful about generalizing about Jews–there’s no THEY, there’s only a lot of individual people, whether you’re talking about Jews, Muslims or whatever.
    On the other hand, Rick wasn’t attributing any particular motives or behavior to Jews, but was generalizing about their economic status. He should have pointed out that Jews worked like hell to get where they are, but it’s true that the median income of Jews is not at the poverty level. Generally they’re not actively exploited by anyone economically–I think that was the point that Rick was trying to make. It’s true, and we all ought to be grateful that it’s true.
    I don’t see why someone should be fired for saying that.
    My concern is that a great many Jewish leaders are creating or participating in a situation in which nobody can say anything about Jews, no matter how carefully, no matter if they’re speaking in good faith or not. Sadly, a great many of these same leaders are now fervent members of the right-wing Israel Lobby, and are glad to use their political clout to also attack anybody that criticizes Israel, or who puts American interests above Israeli interests in the Middle East. We’re starting to get into a dangerous situation in which Jewish leaders truly believe that they’re never wrong, and that everybody else is wrong, and if you don’t agree with them you’re an anti-Semite, a self-hating Jew, a terrorist and a hydra-headed monster of some kind. They’re wrong to do this, because if there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s that this kind of chutzpah can eventually feed into a backlash against all Jewish organizations.
    What should have happened when Rick made his generalization about Jews, was that CNN ought to have sponsored an open discussion about Jews in this society. That’s going to happen now, with Rick and the rabbi. We can’t help but be better off with such discussions. But sadly, somebody had to made the telephone call insisting that Rick be fired, and gutless CNN had to go along with it. That’s what is troubling. This kind of behavior–what we might call the Abraham Foxman syndrome–is what is wrong with this picture. Nobody should have that kind of power, to simply say “off with his head,” without one single attempt at dialogue. Foxman and “leades” like him are power-hungry charlatans that exploit past Jewish suffering for their own power, money and prestige. And by operating as a thought police to punish those they disagree with, they are hurting America and harming Jews, Christians and everybody else.

  5. Theresa says:

    All I can say is that something like this shouldn’t define someones life and take away their talent, he did something wrong and he was let go for it, whether right or wrong, but it shouldn’t define his life…..I enjoyed Rick’s List and hope that some day he will be on again……

    My favorite program on Rick’s List was when he called out Fox News for the liars that they are……

  6. Alvin says:

    To bad CNN has no balls or they would have kept Mr. Sanchez.Say what you want about Fox, but they stand behind their people.CNN has tried to stay middle of the road with no controversity.I love Rick because he was honest and tough.Many times he would take on Fox by himself.Now CNN is nothing but a bunch of vanilla anchors scared to upset the right and conservatives of America.Many of CNN topics are interesting,but the presentations are so bland.They need a Tiger like Rick in the mix.Sad how conservatives are controlling the media.Fox preaches fear and hate and their is no longer anyone to challenge them.I hope Rick can get with a national network which has some GUTS!!!

  7. Den Activist says:

    It’s really unfortunate CNN chose to create a problem where none exists. It’s even more unfortunate that CNN, as the self-proclaimed news leader in all this that bring about social justice, has again invalidated how Latinos perceive the world around them and how they, Latinos construct race, ethnicity, and minority groups. It should be clear to CNN staff that different groups construct a variety of terms different from how Americans construct those terms, in this case race, ethnicity, and who is considered a minority or a non-minority.

    It seems like a “recent” phenomenon to many Americans that a Latino can be classified as a white Latino versus only as a Latino-with you being a white Latino.

  8. Lyndia Manas says:

    *I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!