Rick Addresses the ADL’s 2012 National Executive Committee Meeting

On February 10, 2012, the ADL held its National Executive Committee Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida.

Rick was invited–and privileged–to speak at the event. He discussed his trip to Israel in late 2011 as part of a mission for Latino journalists that was sponsored by the ADL.

More importantly, Rick discussed his personal journey over the past 18 months, how it had led him to Abe Foxman and the ADL, and how Rick began reading and understanding the Jewish history of facing anti-Semitism. It was then that he understood the gravity of his words and the hurt they had caused: “I got why what I said was wrong, and even dangerous.”

It wasn’t until he had had a meeting with ADL officials and started reading about the Jewish history of overcoming anti-Semitism that he began to understand the hurt his words had caused. “And then I started to understand,” Mr. Sanchez said. “I started to get it. I got why what I said was wrong, and even dangerous.”

Rick added that the opportunity to be included in the ADL Latino Journalists Mission to Israel was a fantastic opportunity that allowed him to learn much more about the Jewish experience and life in Israel.

“I can tell you that everyone on our trip came away with a better understanding of Israel,” Rick said. “Not because it was carried out as some type of cheerleading exercise for Israel.  Far from it. It’s because it revealed truth.”

Some highlights from Rick’s address are below: