Hitch: Rick’s Comments “Uncontroversial”

On October 4, noted author, journalist and columnist Christopher Hitchens wrote a piece for Slate.com entitled, Not So Hidden Influences where he asked the question, “Is it so offensive to note the effectiveness of the Jewish lobby?” and addressed Rick’s comments:

Cuban-American TV anchor Rick Sanchez, apparently maddened by the taunts of Jon Stewart, made some rather heavily sarcastic remarks about the power of the American Jewish minority and the sharing of its liberal assumptions by many at the networks. He was fired from CNN almost before he had finished getting this off his chest.  [W]hat has to strike the eye about both sets of remarks is how uncontroversial they are… He didn’t descend into saying that there was Jewish control of the media, but he did imply that liberalism was linked to a single ethnicity. Still, there is nothing criminal about this, and the speed of his firing, like the other recent abrupt disappearances of Laura Schlessinger and Octavia Nasr, seems to suggest a network system that cares only about playing safe and avoiding “offense.”

You can read the full article here.