Dobbs: Would Not Fire Rick

Appearing on NYNonstop, the digital channel of WNBC, Lou Dobbs sat down with host Julie Menin and addressed the controversy surrounding Rick’s comments.  The full video is below the excerpt:

I know Rick… We were colleagues.  He and I were on opposite sides of a whole host of issues.  Aside from the lamentable stupidity of what he said, if everyone at CNN — all of the anchors had been fired for stupid things, they wouldn’t have anyone to fill up the air.  You can go through a list of their top talent and they have been absolutely imbecilic in their comments, including me on occasion.  So I think people need to just kinda back up and relax a little bit.  I am not certain why Rick would be a forfeit based on what are, as I say, idiotic comments but hardly beyond redemption.  Now let’s see if I’ve got this right: you take a man off the air because he makes a number of stupid statements and you put on Eliot Spitzer, who’s a disgraced former governor paying for sex and being investigated for an illegal activity?