Jon Stewart: Rick Didn’t Believe What He Said

With the media, blogs and general public chiming in with their views about Rick, Jon Stewart’s own comments about the incident somehow seem to get overshadowed.  Although others have hijacked the debate and steered it into different directions, Jon Stewart—in his trademark style—took to the airwaves the Monday after Rick’s radio interview.

Jon stated that he did not believe that Rick’s comments portrayed what Rick is about or even what Rick truly feels.  The clip is below, followed by a partial transcript:

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Hurty Sanchez
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“Here’s the deal.  If CNN got rid of Rick Sanchez ’cause they didn’t like his show, fine. We weren’t that crazy about it either.  But if they fired him for making some intemperate statements and some banal Jew-baiting, I gotta tell you, I’m not even sure Rick Sanchez believed what he was saying.  Because I know that when Rick Sanchez has time to think things through, and doesn’t necessarily think he’s about to get fired anyway, he has a slightly different take on the topic.”

Stewart then played a clip of Rick commenting on race in America and a separate clip where Rick calls out a neo-Nazi.  In closing, Stewart said, “Rick Sanchez, consider yourself unbusted!”